Power of the Valkyrie: Omnibus

Power of the Valkyrie: Omnibus

Power of the Valkyrie: Omnibus


Alternate name:
Power of the Valkyrie: Omnibus 2021


Erica Schultz



One of the leading ladies of TidalWave Productions. The full Power of the Valkyrie comic book series is collected for the first time in this GIANT SIZED Omnibus. As a human, Susan has to deal with complications in her life. But when she is suddenly bestowed with the heavenly power of the Valkyrie, she finds that her responsibilities have increased manifold. Now she must protect both Asgard and her home, Earth from the evil God Loki. And she must also choose what is right, for her as the Valkyrie, not just what the Asgardians think is right. Included in this Omnibus is the first mini-series of the Power of the Valkyrie as well as the new Chronos Edda mini-series. Also the one shot featuring the crossover with Venus and never before seen images!

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