Alternate name:
Segments 2011


Richard Malka



A masterful philosophical space opera, by two eminent talents of the twentieth century comic strip of the galactic era. Humans are grouped by personality types on monocolored planets dedicated to unique functions: spirituality, exchange, enjoyment, war, work, order, and creativity. This social organization based on the ancient theories of psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung allowed the eradication of human conflicts by bringing together people sharing the same values.But in this perfect universe, the mysterious immortal guides of the Segments are worried: an incomprehensible epidemic of infertility is progressing and there is little time left to find a cure before humanity is doomed to disappear.In a courtroom, the indolent Loth Lungren and the sensual Jezreel cross paths to be judged. One for refusing to indulge in unbridled sex and drugs, although assigned to the world of enjoyment, the other for not joining his garrison. Heavily sentenced at the end of a Kafkaesque trial, they will try to escape this neurotic galaxy...Gimenez, the mythical cartoonist of The Caste of the Meta-Barons takes up his virtuoso brushes and joins forces with one of the most talented screenwriters of his generation, Richard Malka, who this time chooses the prism of science fiction to reflect on the human condition. A work with a philosophical, symbolic and aesthetic dimension begins...

Chapter (Issue) List

Segments #3 05/13/2024
Segments #2 05/13/2024
Segments #1 05/13/2024